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Managing a Development team

I have been a consultant on a development team for nearly 2 years now and it has undergone a lot of changes in that time and I have witnessed changes in how the team views itself and its direction over that period. I thought I would post up a few posts on what I have learned over that drips. This post is a brief summary of the period and the big leadership mistakes I think happened. Hopefully if people I know read this they won’t be offended I posted it up. Continue reading

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Returning Nulls is Dishonest

I read an interesting blog post today by Andy Palmer. I thought it was a good point and a principle I am trying to encourage on the software projects I work on. I agree that a method should not return … Continue reading

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A strong business case for WPF?

I had up till recently been thinking that WPF was just going to be most usefull for imitating the consumer ‘oooooooohhh’ factor with fancy Mac type graphics on a PC. I hadnt come up with a good reason to learn … Continue reading

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