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Top Apps Coming to Windows Phone 8

One of the biggest complaints against Windows Phone 7 I have heard is that the top apps are missing and the ones that are on the platform too way to long to appear. It’s obviously been tough for Microsoft to … Continue reading

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Microsoft Surface

So the Microsoft Surface has launched with Windows 8 now and a lot of people have posted reviews of it. I have been in a Microsoft Store in Seattle all morning playing with one and looking at all the new … Continue reading

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From comment spam to reCAPTCHA

So I have now added reCAPTCHA to the comment section of my blog. I apologize to people who have to take this extra step to post comments when they have something valid to say. I made the decision to go … Continue reading

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Sorting for an ObservableCollection

I am porting my Live Countdown app to Windows 8 in order to help my learn Windows 8 and to spread the goodness to more people 🙂 However one problem I had was sorting an ObservableCollection without causing it to … Continue reading

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Live Countdown for Windows Phone

I have released my latest app for Windows Phone. Its Live Countdown available from the Marketplace at Here is the blurb from Marketplace: The LIVE COUNTDOWN app gives you exactly that! Whatever event is happening in your life, whether it’s a … Continue reading

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Creating a custom Windows Phone Live Tile

I’m writing a Windows Phone app and I want it to have Live Tiles. However I want it to show a Count on the front of the Live tile which is larger than 99. Currently any number larger than 99 … Continue reading

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WriteableBitmap – Invalid Pointer from Constructor

I have had a really irritating issue with my windows phone app that I am currently working on. I am trying to create live tiles with numbers bigger than 99 shown for the Count property of the TileData. To do … Continue reading

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