Top Apps Coming to Windows Phone 8

One of the biggest complaints against Windows Phone 7 I have heard is that the top apps are missing and the ones that are on the platform too way to long to appear. It’s obviously been tough for Microsoft to get people to think of it as a day one requirement to support the platform but they now seem to be making progress. The Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 120.000 apps and Microsoft announcing new “top apps” coming to the platform. Earlier today Microsoft announced Pandora as a great new comer to the Windows Phone Store plus it comes with a 1-year of free music

Microsoft has also announced other big name apps apps and games that will be coming soon to the Marketplace. These include the brand new Angry Birds Star Wars, Temple Run, and Asphalt 7, Cut the Rope, Where’s my Water/Perry games.

Microsoft has also improved the Facebook and Twitter apps on Windows Phone to be able to take advantage of the “live apps” feature and show you updates on the new lock screen.

Personally I think this could be MS turning a corning. Supporting the standard game engines and making it easy to port apps and games between Xbox, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will hopefully make it a first class platform for new apps to support.

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