Microsoft Surface

So the Microsoft Surface has launched with Windows 8 now and a lot of people have posted reviews of it. I have been in a Microsoft Store in Seattle all morning playing with one and looking at all the new touch screen all in ones and laptops and tablets and stuff that are there.

I can honestly say that I am very impressed with this move by Microsoft. I know a lot of people are dissecting the hardware and are comparing things based on the RAM and the disk space but I am impressed on a different level to that.

I think the Surface really represents a wholesale change in the way Microsoft is thinking about its technology. The device itself is fantastic to hold and use and the new Start screen begs to be touched. The screen is responsive and the software is fluid.

The fact that Microsoft has designed all the hardware from scratch and though about how people are going to use shows a total shift from the way they seemed to operate before. I think the build quality of the device and the beauty of the Windows 8 UI is really going to impress “normal people”. Microsoft has also attracted developers and there were plenty of business people running Windows XP Tablet Edition back in the day but it’s this shift to attracting the masses that will make a difference to the company .

Its getting people like my mother to use it and to have people talk about it and show it off to their friends. Not just the people who always talk about tech but people outside of the normal circles of chatting about it. I think the $1.5 billion they have supposedly spent on advertising should help accomplish this.

I think they really have brought out a winning platform here and people who get windows Surface, Windows 8 PCs and Windows Phone 8 devices will be really happy with them. They will talk about them and this will become a winning platform combination.

Let me know what you think about the platform

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