Sorting for an ObservableCollection

I am porting my Live Countdown app to Windows 8 in order to help my learn Windows 8 and to spread the goodness to more people 🙂

However one problem I had was sorting an ObservableCollection without causing it to reset. I got round this issue by implementing the QuickSort algorithm as an extension method so I could do in place sorting on the collection.

Here is the code:

public static class QuickSort

	public static void InplaceQuickSort(this ObservableCollection collection, Comparison comparison)
		Sort(collection, 0, collection.Count - 1, comparison);

	private static void Sort(IList array, int left, int right, Comparison comparison)
		int pivot, l_hold, r_hold;
		l_hold = left; r_hold = right;
		T pivotValue = array[left];
		while (left < right)
			while ((comparison(array[right], pivotValue) >= 0) && (left < right))
			if (left != right)
				array[left] = array[right];
			while (comparison(array[left], pivotValue)  pivot)
			Sort(array, pivot + 1, right, comparison);
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