Refactor! Pro

So I have recently been trying to geek up do to the fact that my current role which I have been in for 21 months so far has actually de-skilled me. So I thought I would go through all the dotnetrocks episodes I had been missing out on and then thought I would have a look through all the dnrtv’s to SEE how to do a lot of the things talked about on dotnetrocks.
I saw one of the dnrtv sessions with Mark Miller talking about CodeRush and Refactor! Pro and thought I’d give it a watch. I used to use these tools a few years ago and kinda remembered how handy and fast the refactoring was and how easy it made things. Watching the dnrtv episode brought it all back and actually showed me how much better it had got since then too.
I would advise anybody who refactors to have a serious look at this dnrtv episode ( and check out Refactor! Pro and CodeRush. These are seriously handing tools and come with a free component (from the same developers) called DXCore which enables a lot of new integration with visual studio.
The tools are from DevExpress and are pretty cheap really.
Check them out and let me know what you think.
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