Moving to .NET 3.0 and onwards

I have been starting the last couple of weeks to think about upgrading myself to .NET 3.0 and then on to 3.5. I have been working in the same place for about 20 months now and have been responsibly for the implementation of all the projects workflow foundation (WF) components.

I know WF is officially part of .NET 3 so it may seem like I may already be a .NET 3 developer. The problem is, the workflows we have been doing have been pretty basic. There have been some interesting things with regard to services such as an MSMQ receiver service. The workflows themselves however have been basic and I haven’t yet done any suspend and resume type functionality in the workflows, which I personally think is pretty important.

So my goal for the next 2 months (which is probably the amount of time till I leave this role and have to find myself a new role in what is currently a competitive market), is to become and expect .NET 3 developer. I have work coming up on Workflows in the next 2 months which seem quite a good fit for sleeping workflows and also for WCF communication to be the driver to wake these workflows up.

So over this period of 2 months, I am going to learn WF and WCF and I am going to do this through a lot of web research and reading of MSDN, blogs and other sources of help. I am also during this period going to attempt to document the process of learning, and recording the good sources of information I found on this blog.

So if you are looking to learn .NET 3.0 soon and don’t know where to start, or are learning it and have good sources of information on getting started, please let me know via this blog and hopefully we can all help each other out.



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