I have returned to my blog after a long time away. I have been quite busy with a couple of independent projects in recent months but i slowly emerging from the other end and looking forward to be able to look at the new technology and online content that has come about in the last few months.
I have been catching up on all my DotNetRocks episodes that I have missed which is becoming harder as they have now moved up to two a week. Plus Richard Campbell, esteemed co-host of DNR has setup his own spin off which seems to be more targetted towards infrastructure guru’s rather than .NET developers but although I havent actually got round to listening to it yet, I have downloaded it to my Windows Mobile phone and its on the playlist.
One of the reasons for my return to blogging is that while visiting the Mondays site to get the latest episode of the worlds greatest not technical podcast, the site was down. So I emailed to let them know. I got a response today from Carl Franklin who rates pretty highly in the scale I posted about in one of the first entries on my blog. I took the opportunity to reply to him letting him know I appreciated the response, congratulating him on the greatness of Mondays and the like and not only did he respond, he did it really fast and gave me a real human like answer.
I am very impressed with today and it therefore re-affirmed my determination to get involved in the community and take part.
So in short, I am going to make a determined effort to make this blog a useful source of information for developers.
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