Slow webform designer switches

I have worked on a few web site projects that suffer from slow designer load times when moving from markup to design views in the web application. These applications have often suffered from bad architecture in the web site where not enough of the code seperated out inton another assembly.
The reason these thingas go hand in hand is because in order to load the web form designer, visual studio has to compile the app_code directory first. This therefore means that a large app code directory will slow down the desginer load due to the time taken for compilation. Now, the reason visual studio likes classes to go in the app code folder is for seperation of logic from presentation which is the target of most good architects. I personally think howvever that in most projects, the most part of this app_code folder could be put into a different assembly from the web site. To a lot of people this gives the impression of a different layer and to the most part this code can be viewed that way. Web services, image choosers, utility methods validation objects etc shpuld all live outside the presentation logic in a web site.
So, the answer to slow load times on your webform designer is to make sure your app code folder is a simple set of presenttion classes and all other logic is moved out to a proper dll, reducing compilation and therefore load times
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