Apple advertising

I have been walking past posters of the new apple advertising campain which has two guys, ones a mac and ones an apple. The pc guy is dowdy dressed while the apple guys is a bit more spruced. In each poster they are holding little signs at there chest like one for example, the pc guy is holding one saying, " I can be a bit trikcy to setup" and the mac guy is holding one saying "I work straight out of the box". Everytime I see one of these posters I think to myself that’s not right, new pcs are easy to setup, they come with good software, especially vista, they can be for play as well as work. In fact I reckon there are far more pc games in the world then mac based games and vista is pretty good at managing photos and videos and personal stuff.

The genius in this advertising isn’t just that the people walking around this world who may have used and old pc but has probably never seen a mac are going to start believing this. They probably won’t know about Vista yet and when thinking to themselves "What should I get for browsing the web?" they are going to think mac. That’s just advertisng, the genius is that although these claims are outdated and inaccurate, there is no body to challenge them. The PC market is not like macs, macs are apple and pc’s are anyone. There is no one company to stand up and say something about the claims as no one owns the brand ‘PC’.

Although I don’t like the adverts, I have to admit, its clever.

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