I heard some very bad news the other day. Coding and comedy genius Mark Miller has decided to stop producing Millahseconds.

For all of you who are total unaware of what this is. Here is the official description:

Millahseconds is a weekly voyage into the manic mind of Mark Miller of Mondays fame, a manic paranoid schizophrenic software developing sex-addict (and part-time ditch digger for the county).
Millahseconds is a comedy podcast designed for men, but hot chicks can listen in too.
Be advised: Millahseconds is *not* for government agents, feminist Nazis, or prosecuting attorneys in any current or future litigation.
Mark likes to spend his spare time thwarting the imminent alien invasion, keeping the monkey menace at bay, and trying oh-so desperately to get laid. Not necessarily in that order.

MillahSeconds are brief rants of comedy genius from Mr Miller who happens to be a top level architect for DevExpress who make a fantastic plug-in for VS.NET called CodeRush. You may have heard Mark on .NET Rocks! before talking about discoverability and things or, if you know what good for you, on Mondays which is a comedy show produced by the same team behind .NET Rocks.

I think the developer community and in fact the community at large should show Mr Miller he is loved and wanted and should download his show in hugh number to convince him to carry on. I also think everyone would benefit from tuning into Mondays too. Which is made a lot easier by the fact that the entire back catalogue is available to download and stream.

Anyway, support Mr Miller in MillahSeconds and in his fight against the Monkey Menace.

All hail, Millllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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