ASP.NET AJAX and Beyond

Well ASP.NET Ajax is out and has been for a little while now. I have been using it in apps off and on since about March last year. I have to say, Update Panels are the simplest way I have seen to get AJAX going on whatever application you want. They are soooo easy to plug in and get working its insane. The rest of the framework is also powerful and used in conjunction with other controls, especially on Intranet applications makes some really cool things possible.
Going forward there is also XBAP which although isnt exactly a web based technology ( I think its a windows based technology delivered over the web, like ClickOnce smart clients) it does, for windows users, look like a really super powerful web application and will make intranet development a very powerful concept when its really here and in use. It effectivly allows you to deploy a WPF XAML application to the client in a browser window.
Also in the future for web applications is WPF/E. This is a cross platform/browser (via plugins) technology that allows web developers to make things that look real clever like flash, but using .NET technology, making it easier to localise and integrate into large schale business and ecommerce systems. This is a real cool technology that I am definately going to be watch.
I think the landscape for web development is going to change a great deal for MS developers over the next few years and while it seems a bit daunting at the moment when you think about all the new things there are to learn, I’m sure it is going to be easy to move from one to the other and benefits that can be gained from a UI point of view seem to be enormous. I think we are on the verge of the web becoming a really useable and simple platform for integration of services web xml and webservices allowing systems to talk, and these new presentation technologies which will allow people to interact with it easily and will enable us as developers to make UI’s that people will want to use.
Let me know what you guys think about these new tools.
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