Windows Live Writer

This is my first post through Windows Live Writer. Its a test as much as a demo of the software. It seems like a handy little tool. It has spell checking and basic layout options and of course enables you to edit you blog posts offline. This is handy for me as I spend 3 hours a day on the train and can always think of things to blog when I’m on my laptop coding, but I don’t have Internet on the train.

Any, test complete, tool is cool.




I was just looking for the download link for Live Writer to add it to the above post, when I came across another cool Live Spaces feature : "Blog from your phone". The sales blurb says:

"Blog from your mobile phone. Enable “email publishing” under Settings. Get your unique email address for blogging. Email blog entries from your mobile phone to this address from anywhere in the world where your phone has Internet access."

That is also cool as I have a Windows Mobile 5 phone with full keyboard and things, this will make blogging even easier.



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