ASP.NET can render in CSS (if you tell it how)

The ASP.NET team have finally released some control adapters for the standard .NET controls to use CSS.
This means we can now use the built in ASP.NET controls for menus and such things with worrying about issues rendering on PDA’s or Text Only browsers or for screen readers. I think its a shame this wasnt how the controls were built to begin with but this is better than nothing.
I advise all people using ASP.NET, especially for public websites to use these extenders to help make their sites CSS compliant and accessible. There is no good reason not to anymore.
I have web access on my phone and I know it annoys me when I go to sites like national rail and have to spend about (150KB of credit) downloading a simple 3 textbox form.  Using good markup can help cure this pain.
At least take a look – This is the main page – This is the menu example
Go forth and be accessible.
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