My Dream Job

I think I may have found my dream job (bar the location and distance from my house). It is definately a role for top tier developers, infact it is in the job description that you are a top tier developer. Incase anybody every reads my blog, this is a big hint that if someone has a job like this going. I wanna be up for it.
What is this wonder job I hear you ask:
ISV Architect Evangelist at Microsoft UK.

Role Purpose
This role has two key purposes.  The first is to be part of the team that engages with our ISV partners to evangelize and demonstrate the opportunities our developer technologies offer them from a technical perspective.  The second is to become the team lead for the Communications and Media sector.
Team/Department Mission
The ISV Technical team is charged with ensuring that our ISV partners are informed and able to adopt Microsoft’s leading edge technologies and challenged to accelerate the rate at which they use these technologies in real solutions.
Key Accountabilities
The role is accountable for:
1. The quality of technical engagement with our partners that generates positive customer satisfaction.
2. Effective engagement with individuals in 1:1 and 1:few situations that means the customer commits to working with MS technologies.
3. Contributing to the clarity of our platform message to all types of developer in the UK as measured by ongoing customer research.
4. Contributing to the effective teamwork and load sharing in the DPE technical team which enables the achievement of shared business metrics.
Key Success Criteria
1. ISV partners with whom you work are building new solutions with leading edge MS technologies
2. You are viewed across the team, company and partners as a trusted source of information on how to build solutions with the MS technology set.
3. Your contribution to the developer story is sought out by many people, both internal and external, and is this demonstrated by measures such as the number of blog hits you generate, number of your colleagues who use your content in their materials etc.
4. You continue to develop and maintain your broad development skill set by maintaining a relevant qualifications
5. Influential colleague in Microsoft Corporation regularly use you as both a source and test of new ideas and suggestions that lead to recognized best practice activities in the technical community.
6. Your approach and manner make you a valued member of the D&PE team in the UK, who can be relied on to volunteer to help whenever possible to ensure the overall team meets its business goals.
Knowledge, Skills and Experience
1) Essential Experience
a. 5 years+ experience of developing software solutions.
b. Proven track record in successful technical engagement with customers or partners in a 1:1 or 1:few environment.
c. Experience in presenting technical material to external audiences of up to 50 people.
2) Technical / Functional Skills
a. Exposure to development practice in one or more of these areas:
i. Database design
ii. Business Intelligence and related services
iii. Mobile solutions
iv. Web Applications with complex integration
v. Creation of Office extensions
b. Development skills to build applications for one or more of these platforms
i. Windows Server 2003 or later
ii. Windows XP or later (eg, .NET 1.1+)
iii. Linux / PHP
iv. J2EE or server-side JAVA
3) Personal Attributes / Interpersonal Skills
a. Must be able to learn quickly and be committed to continual refresh
b. Clearly demonstrate a passion for the benefits of software
c. Needs to be able to handle ambiguity in the messages to be presented
d. Has to be able to adapt to work in a variety of different ways (from presentation delivery to 1:1 technical activity)
e. Needs to be able to challenge and debate both technically and at a more general level.
4) Qualifications
a. Degree qualified in Computer Science, Software Engineering or other related subject.
Special Requirements/Additional Information e.g. Language skills
1) Preferred Experience
a. Experience of developing software solutions in communication and media sector.
b. Knowledge of latest technologies, including .NET 3.0, AJAX, etc.
c. Passionate technical area outside of work.
Thanks for reading

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