Real First

So this is my first real blog entry. I wanted to come out with a fantastic post that would stun the world with its insight.
However, I’m not sure I have anything to say that matchs such a description but I am going to comment on my view of the developement world and the natural hierachy that exists within it. So here goes.
In life, or more specifically business, there are general 4 types of people. At the top of this list, and the aforementioned hierachy, is the "big guns". In development land, these are the Program Leads and Senior Architects at Microsoft and other big companies that seem to spend such a large proportion of their time being experts (by writing books, speaking at conferences, blogging and anwsering calls for help) that I always wondered how they managed to stay in touch with new things. There are many greats in this category, like Don Box, Bob Powell, Jeffrey Richter (whos on my book list), Mark Miller (who is also a comedy genius).
Second on this list are people who are also very clever about what they do and work on amazing projects but do it at regular companies and dont attract that same level of fame. I put these guys (and gals) below the top level because although they are often as good, they spend all their time being good by developing and trying hard to stay as good, and don’t seem to have the time/confidence/inclination (whatever the reason) to write the books and speak at the conferences.
At the third level, there are people who look up at all of these people with some level of awe. They are generally knowledgeable developers, earn good money, often contractors. They are always trying to learn to the best way to do things, the new technologies and are looking for the break which will take them to the next level in the hierachy. They read books by the top level people, they work with/under second level people and they do there best but they feel they would never be of the level required to write a book for other developers to learn from.
The last type of developer is the kind that develop. They know a certain amount of syntax and design patterns and they use them. They are happy to go to work, code and go home. They don’t strive to greater heights and knowledge and don’t spend anytime of their own accord looking for further enlightenment.
I hope I am in level three of the development hierachy and am always striving to learn new things and attain promotion to the higher levels of developerness. This blog is one of my attempts at this. I don’t want fame or riches (although wouldnt refuse them), I want to be good enough for people to read what I write, for people to look to me for answers, and for me to have them.
I know some people may disagree with this view of development life but people I have spoken to about it see a similar structure above them.
Let me know your comments on this as I would like to know whether this is just an isolated view from a desk of a young developer in a dull office on London, or whether I have noticed the widely accepted natural order of the development world.
Thanks for reading
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  1. Adam says:

    Something that you might be interested in contributing to in your assent to the peak is the "Developer Developer Developer" conferences held at Microsoft\’s UK headquarters in reading.

    Psiman writes about the last one at

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